I am a photographer and maker in living in Los Angeles California.

I view photography less as a presentational medium and more as an interplay between the photographer and the viewer. My photos are a starting point. An opening statement. A premise. A window. An isolated frame that gives the viewer the opportunity to imagine what the rest of the world looks like beyond its edge. It offers the chance to create a new story and bring a personal experience through the simple act of viewing – and inevitably leave a fingerprint behind in each piece.

My journey as a photographer came through the study of architecture. While pursuing a Masters in Science in Architecture, I developed a passion for taking photos of buildings rather than designing them. In both photography and architecture, context and environment are crucial to creating works that both stand the test of time and expand your view of the world and your place within it.

I see photography as an opportunity to view our context as humans moving through our environment. Context is a huge theme in my work. It permeates through everything from framing to my choice of subject. I tend to choose subjects that have something to say about their environment – a series of the last phone booths left standing, a group of buildings reaching skyward in Manhattan, a group of makers struggling to break through, crammed into their tiny studio apartments in all corners of the city. These people, places, and things interacting with their environment, whether harmoniously or under duress, aim to show the viewer a window into a different life or time. They are the stories not told, but surrounding us nonetheless. The interplay of the artist and subject, and the ever-blurring line between.

I always welcome collaborations, comments, and questions so if you wish to chat please feel free to reach out to me at